Model 4 Business: The Entrepreneurs Guide To Clarity, Confidence, Credibility and Celebrity

A monthly membership implementing the Model 4 Business protocol for service based entrepreneurs who want to learn how to take their business revenue to consistent, predictable 10K+ months, making a bigger impact, while enjoying more fun and freedom

A Holistic Small Group Guided Business and Life Coaching Program.

C4 Mastery

Private 1:1 coaching for the service based business owner who wants expert guidance to take make a bigger impact and take their business and themselves

Center Stage.

Your Center Stage

Model 4 Business

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If you are a service based entrepreneur wanting to create explosive success organically, without sacrificing your relationships, burning out from the stress of mismanagement or other pitfalls many entrepreneurs face, Stephana Johnson eloquently illustrates her proven framework through colorful personal stories and case studies that inspire action. A step by step guide to help entrepreneurs, especially in the speaking, coaching, consulting and creative service industries, move from chaos to Clarity, from self-doubt to Confident, from 'faking it' to being trusted and shared (Credibility) and from unknown to being visible and profitable (Celebrity) in their field. Model 4 Business helps you get your life and business in order so you can create a profitable business and have a fulfilling life. Model 4 Business offers you new approaches to planning, problem-solving, and decision making – leaving you better equipped to handle whatever life and business brings.

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